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Syncrotech Pk Ribbed Belts

Syncrotech Pk Ribbed Belts




  • CR and EPDM raw material, add fibers for more anti-friction.
  • The service life of the product is generally up to 5-100000 kilometers.
  • Can undertake many kinds of small quantity order.
  • Single specification minimum order quantity, at least for one mode of the number of nature
Type Pb ht hs Size Range
PK 3.56 2.5-2.0 4.8-4.4 40 PK520(520.00mm) - PK7136(7136.00mm)

Belt uses the import high quality synthetic neoprene or ethylene-propylene diene copolymer, and matches in a variety of different uses of rubber materials.

Neoprene ribbed belt has a certain cold resistant and heat resistant properties, its resistance to bend torsion properties and resistance to aging ozone resistance than general unsaturated rubber is good, have good oil resistance to solvents and chemical stability, add short fiber reinforcing, can bear high lateral pressure, reduce stress deformation.

EPDM ribbed belt in resistance to ozone aging weather resistance heat aging is good, and its electrical insulating performance resistance to chemical corrosion impact elasticity is good at low temperature (elastic keep good performance.

Skeleton material for different material of high quality wire, to provide better power transmission effect, high modulus low shrinkage line/aramid line reduce belt is running at high speed, high strength and elongation of the elastic line can optimize gear train.

Belt back light Angle cloth to do protection, its pliable top fabric can improve the belt body lateral stiffness, and can protect the core and bear tension wheel speed under the environment of high temperature of the friction.

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