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Double-Sided Timing Belt

Double-Sided Timing Belt


  • D- XL D-L D-H D-XH D-XXH
  • D-T2.5 D-T5 D-T10 D-T20 D-AT10
  • D-3M D- 5M D- 8M D-14M DS-5M
  • DS-8M DS-14M


  • For model can reference single-sided timing belt.
  • Cutting or provide sleeve according to customer’s requirement.
  • The minimum order quantity is one sleeve.
  • Belt length must be more than 450 mm

Double-sided Timing Belt

The double-sided pitch synchronous belt and tooth profile equivalent to a single tooth and tooth belt pitch.
Double teeth with tooth by the synchronous belt arrangement standards can be divided into two types; DA-duplex synchronous belt tooth, a tooth with its two symmetrical arrangement, see Figure (a) DB-duplex synchronous belt gear, with its two locations with staggered teeth were, see Figure (b)

Total Height of Double Sided Timing Belt

Type W T Size Pitch Length(mm) Teeth No.
D-XL 0.508 3.05 196XL-1970XL 497.84-5003.8 98-985
D-L 0.762 4.58 203L-1988L 514.35-5048.25 54-530
D-H 1.372 5.95 670H-2500H 1701.8-6350 124-500
D-XH 2.794 15.49 700XH-2275XH 1778.00-5778.5 80-260
D-XXH 3.048 22.11 700XXH-2625XXH 1778.00-6667.5 56-210
D-T2.5 0.60 2.00 T2.5x500-T2.5x5000 500.00-5000.00 200-2000
D-T5 1.00 3.40 T5x500-T5x7000 500.00-7000.00 100-1400
D-T10 2.00 7.00 T10x500-T10x7050 500.00-7050.00 50-705
D-T20 3.00 13.00 T20x1700-T20x7000 1700.00-7000.00 85-350
D-AT10 2.00 7.00 AT10x500-AT10x7000 500.00-7000.00 50-700
HTD.DA-3M 0.760 3.10 501-3M-5010-3M 501.00-5010.00 167-1670
HTD.DA-5M 1.143 5.26 500-5M-7000-5M 500.00-7000.00 50-1400
HTD.DA-8M 1.372 8.17 512-8M-6880-8M 512-6880 64-860
HTD.DA-14M 2.80 14.84 1750-14M-6860-14M 1750-6860 125-490
HTD.DA-S8M 1.372 7.48 S8M-512-S8M-6880 512-6880 64-860

Example of mark

Belt using Japan imported high quality synthetic neoprene,and match into many different uses of rubber materials; Skeleton materials imported from Japan for high quality glass fiber cord; Tooth surface with nylon 66 high stretch do protection.

The product‘s pitch and tooth profile is synonymous with single tooth synchronous belt

The products are mainly used for double drive, synchronous and double efficiency characteristics. In the requirements with a band transmission and in opposite directions, Installation position require special compact, or in the main drive and auxiliary transmission linkage and other transmission demanding field, reflects its excellence; Products to structure and no slip meshing transmission characteristics such as low noise by the mechanical textile precision instruments petroleum chemical communication cable industry recognition and understanding to a wide range of applications.

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